Sunday, July 5, 2020
County of Riverside Legislative Affairs

Welcome to the New County Legislative Affairs website. You can take a quick glance of all of the legislation that is being monitored by the County daily. Use the interactive tabs below to see Legislation that we are opposing, sponsoring, supporting and watching. If you look above, you can also find our Legislative Delegation Roster and 2020 Legislative Platform.

Board of Supervisors Approved Letters

The purpose of Riverside County's Legislative Coordination Policy Program is to support legislation which benefits the County and its residents, and to oppose/amend legislation which might adversely affect the County. The following specific procedures are instituted to facilitate active participation by Departments, allow the Executive Office to act as a centralized "clearinghouse" for legislative matters, and to ensure that all advocacy efforts are entirely consistent with Board-approved positions.

Opposed Sponsored Supported Watch List


Brian Nestande                                                  Guillermo Gonzalez

Deputy County Executive Officer                     Legislative Specialist

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