Thursday, September 24, 2020
Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Do you need to know about code enforcement?  The information below is provided to assist you in resolving code compliance issues.

What to do About a Violation in Unincorporated Areas of Riverside County

The Code Enforcement Division is here to serve the needs of the unincorporated Constituency of Riverside County. We have found in the past that some complaints could have been corrected without our intervention. In those cases where you feel it is appropriate, contact the property owner directly and attempt to solicit their cooperation in correcting the situation. After that method of compliance has failed, please feel free to call our office and discuss your situation with a member of our Code Enforcement staff.

To contact the Code Enforcement Division Administration please call (951) 955-2004.

What to do About a Violation in Incorporated Areas of Riverside County

In the incorporated areas of Riverside County, cities have the primary responsibility to handle code violation complaints. For additional information, please visit the city web sites for instructions on reporting code violations.

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