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County tells Galway Downs there is no right to hold bull run

County tells Galway Downs there is no right to hold bull run

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Riverside County on Friday notified Galway Downs near Temecula that there is no existing right on the property to conduct a running-of-the-bulls event, which the media has reported the facility intends to host in June.

County officials notified the facility because a company called The Great Bull Run is promoting the event online and the promoter has been quoted in the media saying 600 advance tickets have been sold. The promoter’s website points out “NO REFUNDS under any circumstances.”

Media reports have generated public interest and opposition, and have said the event is based on others that have drawn 5,000 or more people. Galway Downs is located east of the City of Temecula in Wine County.

No permit application for such an event has been submitted to Riverside County. Information required as part of a temporary outdoor event application would have to clearly describe the event and requires approval from law enforcement and fire officials. An application also must take into account the effects that traffic and other issues would have on nearby roads and surrounding areas. Riverside County has serious concerns about the public-safety and planning-review issues of an event that size, hurdles would be difficult to overcome.

According to media reports, public concern has focused on several areas, including animal cruelty and public safety. The Great Bull Run website, in describing the run, says: “Grab life by the horns and experience the rush of a lifetime as you sprint down a quarter-mile track with up to twenty-four 1,500-pound bulls hot on your heels.”


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