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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Grant

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Grant

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The Riverside County Economic Development Agency (EDA) has received an approved award for the California Energy Commission’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Grant (PON-13-606). The grant award is $497,357 over the 3-year period of performance. This was a state-wide, competitive grant, and EDA scored in the top 5 of 39 applicants and had the highest score of all Southern California applicants. 

With this grant funding, EDA will install electric vehicle charging stations under all three categories eligible for funding:  Workplace, Destination and Corridor. 

Category 1 Charging Type



Workplace Charging

30 stations

60 ports

Destination Charging

7 stations

14 ports

Corridor Charging

8 stations

13 ports


45 Stations

87 Ports

All proposed sites meet and exceed the minimum grant eligibility requirements for Workplace (with public access), Destination and Corridor projects. As required by the grant, each site has been carefully vetted against locational criteria defined in the Coachella Valley Association of Governments Draft Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan, the Western Riverside County Plug-in Electric Vehicle Deployment Plan, the 2014 Riverside County Employee EV Use Survey, and “hot spot” data collected by the county’s existing EV ChargePoint station network.

The goal of the grant is to significantly expand the availability of electric vehicle charging stations to the public, as well as to contribute to a state-wide infrastructure that will enable PEV drivers to travel freely across the state. One key feature of EDA’s application is the strategic location of public EV stations between Riverside and Blythe along the 60 and I-10 freeway corridors. Travel from Riverside to Blythe will be possible because the stations will be within the driving range of most electric vehicles. In addition to workplace charging stations, chargers at destinations such as the county fairgrounds, Edward Dean Museum, Crestmore Manor, Riverside Law Library, and two animal shelters will be installed. Finally, three “fast chargers” allowing cars to charge in under 30 minutes will be installed in Riverside, Temecula and Indio.

The CEC approved the county’s award at their June 18, 2014 business meeting. The county’s application received a score of 84.20% out of 100, which was in the top five scores. The highest score given was 88.70%. Eleven applicants out of the 39 did not receive funding. Final grant funding is contingent upon the approval of the Board of Supervisors and the execution of the grant agreement. As required by the grant, Riverside County will also provide match funding and in-kind services worth $437,511. 

Maps of the proposed locations are shown below:

EDA EV Infrastructure Expansion Project Proposed Workplace Charging Stations Map

EDA EV Infrastructure Expansion Project Proposed Corridor Charging Stations Map

EDA EV Infrastructure Expansion Project Proposed Destination Charging Stations Map


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