Thursday, September 24, 2020
Vision and Guiding Principles

Vision and Guiding Principles


Riverside County has been blessed with abundant natural resources, a strategic geographic location in Southern California, a diverse and hard-working citizenry, and a tradition of progressive government. Managed wisely by communities working together, these key assets hold vast potential to sustain and enhance the quality of life that we currently enjoy.

While agriculture has been the traditional foundation of the Riverside County economy, a transition is well underway toward a more urban way of life with a multi-faceted economy. This change is being driven in part by economic and political forces at the regional, State and national levels. However, Riverside County residents, through their elected representatives, will make the key local decisions that will shape Riverside County, differentiating it in character and quality of life from adjoining counties. The establishment of a vision for our County government provides an essential direction or definable target toward which policymaking and organizational improvement can be focused.

Riverside County recognizes that "vision statements" are general and idealistic by design. While County government cannot, and does not, aspire to achieve this vision alone, we recognize that a common goal for all institutions and individuals is of real and lasting value. Hence, the following vision statement is what we strive for in building our model community and government organization. We hope others share this optimistic view.


"Our vision is to be a proactive county that provides community, business, government, and regional leadership. We will set an exemplary standard of performance among counties by providing our citizens with cost-effective, efficient, and reliable government services, and by developing creative solutions to critical community-wide problems confronting all segments of our constituency. We will anticipate and address the challenges of environmental quality, societal change, and economic competitiveness while striving to make Riverside County an even better place to live, work, raise our families, and do business."

In the year 2020, Riverside County will be home to approximately 2.8 million people, occupying approximately 918 thousand housing units, residing in at least two dozen vibrant cities and numerous well-planned unincorporated suburbs and rural areas. A large majority of our working population will be employed locally in approximately 960 thousand jobs by clean industries paying good wages and by a thriving retail and service commercial sector.

Our diverse mix of peoples, religions and cultures will provide Riverside County with a wealth of different perspectives, life experiences, and knowledge, forming a basis for tolerance and compassion, while enhancing the interesting and exciting community in which we live.

Our shelter will be safe, comfortable, and diverse, providing a wide range of housing opportunities in all densities, styles and price ranges. Neighborhoods will be well designed, conveniently located with respect to schools, jobs, shopping, and transportation systems, encouraging a strong sense of community identity among residents.