Thursday, September 24, 2020
Mission and Business

Mission and Business


The mission of Riverside County is to provide local government services as mandated by State and Federal law, and discretionary services as requested by County taxpayers, within the bounds of available fiscal resources, in a manner which reflects favorably upon the profession of public service and the American form of democratic government. Riverside County will:

1. Conduct a General Government function that honors and builds the public trust in democracy through effective financial administration, fair and accurate assessment and taxation, and the ethical conduct of elections. Provide political, legal, and administrative leadership services that support the breadth of our wide array of life- and livelihood- supporting functions.

2. Administer a Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice System that operates in a swift and efficient manner, which is predictable enough to deter crime, decisive enough to punish, large enough to incarcerate, sensitive enough to recognize those who can be changed, and strong enough to assist them in that change. Serve the public and assist those in need. Respect and protect the rights of victims and ensure due process for the accused, and provide services that will address their unique needs.

3. Provide quality Health Services to promote optimal health, prevent disease, disability, and premature death, treat illness, and ensure a safe and healthy environment. Provide essential medical services to the indigent. Assist the mentally challenged in achieving and maintaining their optimal level of personal health and societal participation.

4. Design and implement Social Services to provide employment services and temporary financial assistance, focused on breaking the cycle of welfare dependency. Protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Provide adequate shelter for those who would not otherwise be able to attain it. Help to strengthen individuals, the home family unit, and community service systems. Encourage self respect and promote responsible, self-sufficient citizenship.

5. Guide and manage a Community Development function which provides for orderly growth, restores vitality to existing communities, and promotes prosperity in the County economy. Operate a land use system that recognizes and strives to maintain that delicate balance between the right of the individual to control his or her land and the broader interests of the community for a high level of livability. Conduct a construction review program which ensures that all new structures are safe from collapse, fire, and other peril, and guarantees a standard of quality for the protection of the consumer and the public. Build and operate a coordinated, balanced transportation system that promotes and develops alternatives to automobile use while ensuring a safe and effective system of freeways, highways, boulevards, local streets, multi-purpose paths, and alternative resources for those with special transportation needs.

6. Protect Environmental Quality for current and future generations. Implement State and Federal environmental laws in an ethical, effective, and practical manner. Assist development in helping promote resource conservation, preservation of critical wildlife habitat and prime agricultural lands, and public education concerning environmental protection. Ensure that waste is ultimately disposed of in a manner that protects the health of current and future generations and preserves our nation's resources and our community's environment.

7. Support current and future Recreational/Cultural/Educational programs to serve the varied interests of our community. Preserve and protect important historical, cultural, and archaeological resources for the education and enjoyment of our descendents.