Monday, September 28, 2020
Strategic Plan

County's Strategic Plan 2030


George Johnson

George Johnson

Imagine the 10th largest County in the country being a thriving robust, diverse economy interconnected regionally and globally, and where the private sector partners with the county as a facilitator and regulator;  where there is a continuous flow of good jobs and incomes, NO homelessness and where education supports a 21st century workforce.  Imagine a modern infrastructure that supports and enables communities and fosters their health, safety and sustainability; where the health care system has easy access, coordination and superior care and prevention. This is the 2030 Vision for One County Strong and the Best Place to Live, Work, and Play, Thriving Riverside County, California.  

The Riverside County organization is driven and characterized by values – values of collaboration, trust, innovation, fun, integrity, diversity, smart risk-taking, excellence and investment.  These values result in a high performing resilient organization with an inclusive culture of continuous learning, collaboration and innovation; and an organization of compassionate and engaged employees who are able to attract and retain the kind of talent that provides excellent personal service to the people, the community and to fellow employees.  Financial strength, healthy reserves and smart resource distribution further the county’s ability to be an efficient and effective technology leader and a partner of choice as convener and connector of causes, interests, people and groups that make a difference. 

County Executive Officer

A Vision For 2030